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Valentines day

This is an old poem I wrote back in 2008 and I thought I would repost it here for the benefit of readers.

by Ahmed

Valentine’s day is here
it’s the same each year

we are hit in the pocket
people dash last minute to the supermarket

to buy their loved one a gift
so they can have a temporary lift

and then the day is gone
as quickly as the dawn

and it’s back to reality for all
til next year valentines call

good mood and emotions consigned to the past
all year they could never last

stop copying Bill, Freda, and Ted
why don’t we instead do what Islam said

Your situation does assess
Read about how marriage in Islam is blessed

and follow the prophetic example
Sunnahs to follow, so ample

Realize that valentines are just a trick
simply another scheme to get rich quickly!

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