Close-Up Photo Of Raisins And Dates

Fast or Feast?

C’mon it’s time to pray
Magrib time is moving away
Just wait I am almost done
Please just 1 more savory bun

Remember Salaatul Awaabeen
An opportunity for us to strengthen our Deen
Just 6 Rakaats, hardly much pain
And 12 years sawaab to your name
Just wait! My samoosas are running away
Don’t forget I was fasting the whole long day!

Some time for ALLAH’s words won’t you spare?
It’s the month of the Qur’an, don’t you care!
What! These pies I can’t waste!
My favorite I at least have to taste

Some Zikr to enlighten your heart?
A few moments for taleem won’t you part?
Not now! A good time it doesn’t seem
I’m just about to tuck into my delicious Haleem

The month is over much too fast
And 1 more Ramadhaan has already passed
Wasn’t it such a spiritual feat?
Oh Definitely! But at least now I can eat!

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